We caught up with Lee Memphis King, Europe’s most successful Elvis Presley tribute artist ahead of his show at Bournemouth Pavilion Theatre on Friday 14 February 2020 where he will recreate the essence of the King with consummate ease and an almost unbelievable combination of stunningly accurate vocals to ask him questions about how he came to be The King!

When did you discover your talent?

When I was very young I found that I could imitate voices and make people laugh. I seem to remember I was about 5 years old when watching an Elvis film and I became an instant fan. From that time it was a lifetime’s obsession to perfect his voice and mannerisms and to want to get on stage and perform.

What was the catalyst that encouraged you to perform as Elvis?
It’s a desire I’ve always had and a huge love for his music and the man himself. I find his life fascinating and when you link his life to his music it takes on a bigger magic and fascination.

Have you met any of his family?
Sadly not but I have met his long time friend and associate Joe Esposito.

What’s the best thing about performing?
Singing the songs I love to hear.

If you weren’t performing as Elvis, what would you be doing?
I’d be Prime Minister and cancel Brexit.

What would you say to a young person looking to get into performing?
Watch and learn from great artists that you admire and spend time trying to understand how and why they are so good. Learn from everything they do from the way they deliver the song, their stagecraft, why they choose the songs they do and most important of all feel the music. Don’t try to be technical like stereo typical X-Factor singers. Understand the song and feel it and deliver it in a meaningful way. The audience will know when you mean it.

Catch Lee Memphis King in One Night of Elvis at Bournemouth Pavilion Theatre on Friday 14 February! Tickets are available here.